Spring In Winter QiGong
The name “Spring in Winter”  comes from the name, Mei Hua, which
my fifth generation QiGong teacher, Master Fa Xiang Hou, gave me
after I had studied with him for many years.  Mei Hua refers to the
flowering plum tree which blooms in China in the winter before the
leaves have emerged in the spring.  From studying with Master Hou
and practicing the exercises every day I became more healthful
(cancer free since 1991), happier, more youthful, and energetic than
I had been in years.

My QiGong classes, certified by Master Hou, offer the promise that
with faithful, regular practice students will feel the renewal I
experienced and be like the plum, Mei Hua, coming into bloom even
later in life or after illness.

Using Master Fa Xiang Hou’s unique form of applied QiGong
therapy, often in combination with his form of QiGong exercise, I
have had great success in treating a wide variety of health
conditions and disorders including PMS, MS symptoms, infections of
the bone, chronic fatigue syndrome, non-metastisized prostrate and
ovarian cancers and in maintaining good health in people with no
illness, pain or disorders.