About Margaretta Gilboy
Margaretta Gilboy, a sixth-generation practitioner of QiGong exercise,
therapy and meditation is certified to teach and give QiGong therapy
treatments by her teacher, Master Fa Xiang Hou, a fifth generation
master of his family’s QiGong form called “Ching Loong San Dian Xue Mi
Gong Fa.”  Master Hou has been recognized as a Master by the
International Qigong Science Association, The Chinese National Qigong
Association, The Healing Arts Association of San Dong and X’ian
Qigong Science Research and Training Institute.  He has also been
accredited to teach the form “San Hu Gong.”  Margaretta Gilboy has
completed extensive studies with Master Hou and is the only American
student certified by him.

Margaretta Gilboy is also a professional artist and teacher. For
information about her artwork,
click here.

Click here for more information regarding Master Fa Xiang Hou