About QiGong
QiGong -- from "Qi" meaning energy or breath and "Gong" meaning work, study or
discipline-- is a regimen of self-healing, therapeutic exercise and an applied healing art
originating in China over 3000 years ago. Qi theory forms the basis of traditional Chinese
medicine including acupuncture, herbal medicine and bodywork. When qi blockages occur
in the meridian system and the organs, pain and illness result. QiGong moves and
balances the qi or energy throughout the body.  QiGong exercise and therapy have
successfully treated and cured a great number of chronic and acute health problems and
aided in improving the immune system, increasing longevity and maintaining physical and
emotional well being.

QiGong Therapy is a highly therapeutic type of bodywork which uses acupressure and
emitted qi energy in a systematic approach to balance the body’s energy.  It is successfully
performed by a highly trained practitioner or master who can detect energy blockages and
resolve them.  In Chinese hospitals and clinics, QiGong therapy is used in conjunction with
acupuncture, herbal and Western medicine.  QiGong therapy has been well documented to
relieve severe, chronic and acute symptomology, pain and disease.

QiGong Exercise is a method that employs concentration, controlled breathing, slow body
movement and meditation and teaches the practitioner to feel, circulate, control and build qi
thereby increasing vitality, fitness, balance and emotional well being.  These exercises are
easily learned by people of all ages and physical conditions.  By practicing daily one feels
calmer, more energized and focused. Students of Master Fa Xiang Hou’s family form of
Qigong experience a strong and pleasant feeling of qi within the first lesson.  With faithful
study students feel an overall improvement in their energy, sense of well being and health.  
QiGong exercises can help relieve any pain or physical problem you may be experiencing
and will provide a feeling of rejuvenation, calm and balance.  You will also develop the basic
ability to relieve pain in others.