Two years ago, on May 19, 2005, I was
diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer. I
started chemotherapy at the end of June, and,
in September, began to learn QiGong with
Margaretta Gilboy. I am taking her classes
because she is wonderful and QiGong is
keeping me alive. Stress exacerbates cancer
and QiGong quiets stress. Since I began
QiGong therapy and exercise, I have been in
remission, with no evidence of cancer in any of
my frequent tests. I am a two year survivor and
the odds of my being alive five years out have
improved considerably.  I have placed my trust
in Margaretta and QiGong, I am happy and
relaxed and I am confident I will have a long
life. –Mary Phillips
A beautiful balance of body, mind and spirit.
Gentle strength. Energizing calm. Balanced
energy. Accomplished instructor, Margaretta
Gilboy, leads her class through a set of
empowering movements. She teaches this
ancient discipline with dedication, insight, and
respect. –Shari Jones
I have a very mild case of relapsing-remitting
MS; my worst symptoms are a bone-deep
fatigue and a form of brain fog that I call
dizziness.  In the fall of 2004 a friend
suggested that I try Margaretta’s QiGong
class. I was hooked from the first class. By
early in 2005 I noticed that I was spending less
and less time sacked out on my couch. By
June/July 2005 I noticed that my brain fog was
greatly diminished. Indeed I seem to be able to
think more clearly than I have in years. And
now, the numbness in my toes is beginning to
retreat. Unlike an ordinary exercise program,
the benefits of exercising your Qi extend into
all aspects of your life in wonderful and
unexpected ways. For me, it has been
transformative. I don’t know yet where this will
lead, but I am enjoying the deepening peace I
feel as much as the return of my mind and
energy.–Sally Shankman, Boulder, CO
Taking Margaretta Gilboy’s QiGong
therapeutic exercise class has been such a
boost for my energy system.  I find the
exercises gentle and effective - and I even
wake up thinking that I want to do some.  
Great way to start the day - and renew during
the day when it gets hectic.-Claire Riley,
Boulder, CO
I’ve been studying Qi Gong with Margaretta for several years and have felt the subtle benefits of the
practice growing stronger over time.  Although I have no specific or chronic health problems, the Qi
Gong practice has increased my overall energy level and sense of well being and helps me focus
and feel connected to my body.About a month ago I tripped and fell on an uneven sidewalk.  I had 18
stitches in my forehead and a lingering black eye and swelling around my eye.  Our weekly Qi Gong
class was taking a break between sessions, and because my head hurt, my thinking was fuzzy and
my balance was shaky I didn’t practice for two weeks.  I almost didn’t go to class the night our classes
resumed - I was depressed and discouraged, feeling off balance and spaced out.  But after two
hours of practicing in class and being treated by Margaretta and a fellow student, I felt better, and
the next morning the swelling and bruising were almost gone along with the fuzziness and balance
problems.  It truly felt like a miracle to feel so much better overnight!  I had two treatments with
Margaretta over the following two weeks, as the fuzziness would start to return, and resumed and
increased the time spent on my daily Qi Gong practice, and feel my energy level returning and the
symptoms have all disappeared. Margaretta is an inspiring teacher and a caring healer who
continues to study the traditions of Chinese medicine, and enthusiastically shares her knowledge.  I
always learn something new in Margaretta’s classes, even when repeating a beginner’s class.  Her
sense of humor and spontaneity keep the classes interesting and fresh, and I feel fortunate to be her
student.-Pam Taylor, Denver, CO
I am a cancer survivor of 11 years and thanks
to my Qi Gong practice with Margaretta
Gilboy which I started some months ago, my
PSA has declined regularly.  I feel more calm
and the anxiety of being a cancer survivor
has been decreased.  My belief is that much
of this success is due to my practice. -JJW,
Denver, CO
My first QiGong class was with Margaretta Gilboy in the summer of 2004 in Boulder, CO.  I had just
had back surgery, a lumbar fusion of vertebrae for osteoarthritis in my spine.  I was in a back brace
and had to be careful in my exercising.  I also have rheumatoid arthritis and have felt very limited in
my life style.  My husband, Jim Palmer, also did Ms. Gilboy’s class in the summer and we felt it was
powerful to do it together.  We would get up early every morning to do our practice;  our energy
grew stronger but it was amazing how strong it was in Ms. Gilboy’s class of eight people. And we
were all beginners!  I felt my back was healing faster because of QiGong.  I wanted to do QiGong.  
Jim felt he had to stop when school began and he didn’t have time.A year later I began to have
back pain again.  I not only stopped QiGong, I could not do anything physical.  Eventually I learned
my first fusion had failed.  So I had another back fusion - this time with hardware.  I could continue
the breathing exercises lying in bed.  I soon returned to Ms. Gilboy’s QiGong classes.  My body
seems to remember many of the movements with a degree of joy.  I am certainly in need of
constant improvement and am very grateful that Ms. Gilboy is here to help me.  In my many “down”
times, I have individual treatments with her that help restore balance and energy, an additional
QiGong gift of Margaretta.  However, being a beginner, the dynamic and power of a class of ten
students with Margaretta’s teaching is a high mark in my week.  The healing is amazing!  As we
students share the health that our teacher brings to each of us our class becomes a sacred place.  
Ms. Gilboy is always available to her students.  She makes it seem that not only does my body love
Qi Gong, but Qi Gong loves my body.  There is an energy waiting for us all to use.  
It is my wish to share the benfits of QiGong with friends and acquaintances.  In this way I honor my
teacher, Margaretta Gilboy, and her teacher, Master FaXiang Hou.
With gratefullness,  -Sue MacDougall Palmer, Boulder, CO
Margaretta Gilboy is an inspiring teacher.  
Her QiGong skill and knowledge coupled with
honesty, insight and good humor make her
powerful and accessible.-K.A., Denver, CO
I have been studying QiGong with Margaretta Gilboy for over two years.  I began the practice in a
state of stress and tension, manifesting in high blood pressure and muscle and joint pain.  Since
then there have been significant events ( illness of parents; leaving a career; raising a teenager)
which I have managed with a degree of calm and strength I would not have imagined possible.  
Despite the events of the last two years, my blood pressure has dropped to normal levels.  More
importantly, I feel a confidence in my ability to influence my own healing.  Learning QiGong has
been a stimulating and fulfilling process, enhanced by the enthusiastic, committed, open and
engaging manner in which Margaretta delivers material which she is clearly devoted to.
Kathleen Hammond, Boulder, CO