Upcoming Classes

Feel better!  Learn to heal yourself, ease stress, pain and anxiety, strengthen your immune
system, improve flexibility, restore and maintain good health and cultivate increased energy,
strength and relaxation.

This is a course consisting of a whole system of proven, simple exercises taught to me by Master
FaXiang Hou, a fifth generation practitioner of his family’s medical QiGong form, These exercises
improve circulation, enhance the quantity, balance and flow of energy in the body’s energy
meridians and organs.  After dedicated daily practice you will feel increased energy and wellbeing
in body and mind. No special equipment or athletic ability is required.  

IN DENVER:  Drop in rate is now
$20.00 per class for those with permission.
The cost of this course is $165.00 ($150.00 for repeat students). The foundation and continuing
levels are taught in this class, depending on enrollment. The foundation course is  also available in
Denver with private instruction or in a class in Boulder.   
We will meet from 3:30-4:30 pm on Tuesdays from
June 13th to August 8th, with no class on July 4th.
Location to be announced.
IN BOULDER: Drop in rate is now
$20.00 per class for those with permission.
Meditations and Mudras: The cost of this course is $110.00.  We will meet Wednesdays from 10:15
to 11:00 am, from
June 14th to August 9th, with no class on July 5th. at 1800 30th Street (Crossroads
Suite 307.      
Beginning and Continuing QiGong will meet at 1800 30th Street (Crossroads Gardens), Suite 307 from
11:15 to 12:15 on Wednesdays,
June 14th to August 9th with no class on July 5th. The cost is $165.00
($150.00 for repeat students).
Private beginning level instruction is also available by arrangement.

Therapeutic QiGong treatments are available in both locations.

Mei Hua Margaretta Gilboy has studied with Master FaXiang Hou for 15 years and is the only
western student to be certified by him to teach and treat people using his family’s therapeutic
QiGong, Ching Loong San Dian Xue Mi Gong Fa.  Ms. Gilboy has been giving therapeutic QiGong
treatments since 1996 and has taught the discipline in Colorado since 2002. She is a member of
Associated Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals. To register or for information call 303-781-
5460 or go to www.springinwinterqigong.com
For information contact: margilboy@gmail.com  -   303 781 5460